Public Speaking

Public Speaking comes easily to me and therefore I enjoy it a great deal.

I speak about discovering my gift as a Psychic Medium, how it came about, what I experience when doing a reading and some of the incredible stories that have occurred along my journey.

I am an accepted speaker for the W.I. and have been booked as an after Lunch speaker for Probus Ladies in Hornchurch. This booking came about following a member seeing me speak at a W.I. meeting.

Moving slightly away from the Spiritual World my life has been varied and full. I have an entrepreneurial streak which has led me down some interesting paths. Motivational speaking is something I wish to explore and as yet have not done anything about this.

If you wanted a speaker or someone to control an event for you please do not hesitate to contact me. I have good organisational skills and enjoy dealing with people, this coupled with my speaking ability makes me someone very handy to have around at your event.

Please contact me for further information on my charges for Public Speaking or Organisational Assistance.