About Me

I am not good at blowing my own trumpet but there are times when it needs to be done. Hopefully the following will sum me up.

· Very strong leadership qualities · Good in a crisis · Exceptional organisational and planning skills · Excellent people skills · Computer Literate. Touch typist 70wpm · Conscientious and hard working · Honest, completely trustworthy · Good timekeeper · Good sense of humour · Driver with clean record. Own transport · Non smoker · Good Health

I am also a Public speaker and have no difficulty whatsoever in taking charge of situations. My career has been varied and this has given me an abundance of skills.

The Story Of “The Crooked Tree”

For as long as I can remember I have had peculiar things happen around me.

The first vivid memory I have of such events was when I was around 14 years of age when I saw a ghost in our kitchen.

This has continued throughout my life with events suggesting I have psychic ability, more ghost sightings and amazing co-incidences which I now appreciate were signs. So many things would happen that it reached the point where work colleagues looked forward to my next “weird” story and some friends took to calling me “Spooky Jude”.

Now even though all of this was going on it never occurred to me to look further, to try to work out what was going on with me. To the point that I felt this was almost normal and that surely most people had this stuff going on they just did not talk about it as much as I did. My ex Husband was a bit of a sceptic (although not so much now after living with my peculiar occurrences for so long) and therefore he did not really encourage me to find out more and nor did anyone else around me for that matter.

Some years ago following my divorce I met a new man whom I now live with. Paul was very interested in the paranormal and after some months of being together and hearing more and more of my stories he suddenly suggested that I may be a Medium. This of course was a little shocking for me but he encouraged me to try and contact the spirit world. Our first experiment was to try and contact his Mother which I managed very successfully and following that I tried it out on friends and family and found to my amazement that he was correct and I was indeed a Medium.

Once this had begun to settle in I began to fret about it so much that it started to get me down. So many questions began filling my head. “Why me?” “What was I supposed to do with this gift” “Why had I not realised before”

To be honest I started to feel a bit of a freak, an oddity, I did not really know where I belonged.

Paul and I planned a visit to Glastonbury. Now most of you I am sure know Glastonbury for its very famous Music Festival however there is a very different side to Glastonbury. I will not go into a full explanation, if you wish to know more about this beautiful place Google “The Glastonbury Tor” and you will understand why Paul decided to take me there. It is a very spiritual place and the Tor is believed to give off energy to those who visit. If you ever get the chance take a trip there and climb the Tor, you won’t regret it.

So off we went to Glastonbury and on our way down from the Tor we were having a very deep conversation about my new found ‘Gift’. I was becoming more and more distressed by it and to be honest I almost wished it wasn't happening.

When we had finished at the Tor we decided to go to the Chalice Well Gardens.

This well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells. For over two thousand years people have gathered there to drink the waters and find peace and inspiration. The well is surrounded by beautiful gardens and it is a very peaceful place. As we wandered I came across a tree. Something had obviously occurred during the growth of the tree which had caused it to stop growing upwards. I would imagine that whatever had befallen the tree could almost have killed it. But instead of it stopping growing it had managed to stay alive but instead of growing upwards towards the sky as a normal tree would grow it was growing parallel to the ground and was quite an unusual sight.

I stopped by this tree for some considerable time. I sat with it for a while and became very peaceful and relaxed.

Many people believe that Glastonbury is a magical place and to be honest for a while sitting by that tree I could honestly believe it. The change that came over me was extraordinary.

As Paul and I left the gardens I told Paul that I almost felt as though the tree had given me a message.

That tree was different but still very beautiful and because it was so different it made it rather special. Apply that to myself and it made me see things in a new way. The world is made up of many different types of people, most are kind, generous and loving, some are not so good and that is something about our society that we must accept. But on the whole people are good and we all have our different strengths and different gifts. I realised that we should accept our gifts whatever they may be and make use of them in the best way that we can. If we apply the story of the tree to our lives then we can see that although the tree suffered something terrible, so terrible that it could possibly have killed it, it had the strength to carry on. It carried on growing, albeit in a completely different direction. So in times of trouble it may be worth remembering the Crooked Tree and bear in mind that although whatever your problem may be even if it seems insurmountable there is sure to be a new way to turn and a new way to grow.