I use a variety of tools when someone visits me for a reading. I have two types of cards which I like to use, the Tarot and Yantra cards. I also use crystals for healing.

A reading with me involves more than just the contact with the spirit world. I use a relaxation technique to bring calmness to the client. During this time the client has crystals placed upon them for some healing.

After the relaxation period I attempt to contact the spirit world. Once we have finished with that part of the session I go on to do a card reading. The card reading usually simply emphasises what the spirits have been telling us.

I live in Witham in Essex and have a room in my house where people can come for the above session. The session costs £30.00 and can last anything up to 2 hours.

If you would prefer me to come to you I am more than happy to travel but we would need to discuss travelling expenses if I was travelling some distance